How do I find a remote job?

How do I find a remote job?

How do I find a remote job?

There are still a significant amount of remote and hybrid jobs available. There typically are more remote jobs available for more senior people, but it’s not uncommon to have a remote job as a new grad.

There are job boards that only list remote jobs, such as:


  • JustRemote

  • Flex Jobs

One thing to consider is whether a remote job would be best for your long-term career growth. While it is certainly convenient, you’ll have less access to mentorship and opportunities by working remotely. For example, if you need help with something, it could a few hours to days for someone to respond, as opposed to live help in an office setting.

Working in person, at least partially, will also give you more access to casual networking. By chatting with your coworkers who work in a different department or who have different levels of experience, you can learn more about the industry. If you’re ever looking for a new job, these types of connections are invaluable for making future introductions.

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