Speech Input

Speech Input

Speech Input

This technology utilizes algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze and interpret spoken words or phrases, converting them into text or commands that the system can understand and execute. Speech input has become increasingly prevalent in modern computing devices, including smartphones, smart speakers, and virtual assistants, offering users a convenient and hands-free way to interact with technology.

Why does Brainstory prioritize Speech Input over Text Input?

Verbalizing thoughts can lead to better results when brainstorming and planning. There are few reasons:

  • Effortless brainstorming: Speaking aloud can be less cognitively burdensome than manually typing. Writing can take more focus, intentionality, and time. Brainstory aims to bring out your thoughts as they can come out freely and unconstricted. It can allow more of a fluid experience where you can ramble, make mistakes, and process as you speak.

  • Fast and natural: Speaking is a natural form of communication for humans. In keeping up with thoughts, speaking is often much faster than typing. Using speech input allows users to interact with our chat UI in a way that feels intuitive and effortless that pairs well with how Brainstory aims to organize and bring more out of your thoughts through Conversational AI.

  • Engaging multiple senses: By engaging both the auditory and vocal faculties, speaking can enhance your focus and stimulate creativity, aiding in more effectively generating ideas. When users speak their thoughts aloud, they not only hear their words but also actively participate in the act of articulation, fostering a deeper connection with the content and promoting a state of flow conducive to creative expression and ideation.

Most people’s default when interacting with applications and devices is most often text input. Since it has been around for much longer, text input can seem more familiar. It can also be more convenient in settings when speaking out loud isn’t very appropriate (e.g. you’re in a noisy and/or public environment). Recognizing the limitations of speech input, Brainstory does have a text input option as well! However, Brainstory’s primary intended interaction will always be with speech input in order to ensure the best results.

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