How do I outline a project?

How do I outline a project?

How do I outline a project?

Why should I outline a project?

Whether it's a personal project or a work project, some planning can go a long way! By planning in advance, you'll be more likely to finish your project on time and to your satisfaction.

The problem for most people is that planning is boring. Thinking through requirements, potential challenges, and timelines is a lot of mental effort for little initial reward.

How do I outline a project?

Before you open a project management tool like Miro or Linear, you'll need to think through a project outline first so that your tasks are clear.

The best way to outline your project is by talking it out-loud from inception. Here are some questions you'd try to answer:

  • What is the goal of this project?

  • Why am I the one to work on this?

  • Who do I want to see the completion of this project?

  • When do I want to finish this by?

  • What are some parts of this project that I feel unsure about?

Some of these questions are more or less relevant depending on your project. If you'd like a personalized project outline with questions that are relevant to your specific project, try Brainstory. Brainstory's conversational AI technology will help you understand your requirements through the Socratic method.

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