How do I find motivation?

How do I find motivation?

How do I find motivation?

Why humans struggle with motivation

If you're struggling to find motivation, you're not alone. For most people, motivation is hard to find when the path to our goal is unclear. If we don't understand the process required to reach our goals, it can feel like we're just barely treading water.

Types of motivation

There are a few different types of motivation, and they can overlap. Here are some examples:

  • External motivation, such as a personal trainer or a deadline

  • Passion, such as a love for a sport

  • Competition, such as a race or a tournament

  • Process, such as valuing the journey as much as the destination

  • Financial, such as a bonus or promotion

It's normal to be motivated by some combination or these things, or a few other reasons. However, no matter what you're motivated by generally, you can still struggle to find a reason at times.

So, how do I find motivation?

The most sustainable form of motivation is trusting your internal process. Discovering what you love, why you love it, and how you can consistently do it, is that process.

If you're struggling to uncover that process for yourself, try talking to Brainstory about it. Brainstory's reflective questioning can help you understand yourself better than you thought. Alternatively, a workshop such as Process Over Goals might be helpful!

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